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Specializing in fine art images on greeting cards and postcards with matching stamps, posters or framed prints, coffee mugs, tote bags, t-shirts and other gift items.

Impressionist Era artists. Renaissance Era artists. Victorian Era artists. American West artists.


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Zazzle has some really neat items to add embroidery designs too... I've made a few new products today in various themes. :) Christmas, Punk Chic, Crunchy Environmentally Friendly... and several delicious fruit themed shopping or tote bags. Click to see them in my shop, customize with your own text and colors!

Crunchy and Loving It Environmental Eco Friendly embroideredbag Adorable Red White Green Merry Christmas Bear Elf embroideredshirt
Punk Chic Pinks and Deco Heart Design embroideredshirt Sweet Pickings Bunch of Purple Grapes Grocery embroideredbag

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