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Today's favorites...

So I was browsing around the Zazzle market place again - yummy... and decided to look for shirts my daughter or son might really love to have. Here are a few of the favorites for the day:

Superkid shirt
Superkid by picololo
Shop for a t shirt on

Jawsome T-Shirt shirt
Jawsome T-Shirt by toxiferous
Tees from

I started making a few cute cartoon character shoes...

And coming as soon as approved -- panda and lady bug. Still brainstorming more. :D

Wow, so I just came across Zazzle....

I know maybe I have been under a rock for a while... lol. But as a busy homeschooling mom and with other interest it just escaped my notice for a while. I'm totally addicted though already. I love love the shoes, but there are loads of fun products in every category.

I thought I would start off today by just showing off the first few shoe searches that really stood out to me...

Cute Custom Keds Shoes With Swirls!!

victorian swirls kedsshoe
victorian swirls by cupcakegrl14
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